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How Does My Kid Compare?

You know your child is smart, but have you ever wondered just how your child stacks up against the competition? What is your child’s potential? How hard will it be for your child to get into the best school? How can you give your child the best foundation for success?

That’s where Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS) can help. Identifying these gifted students early means that parents have a basis for choosing more appropriate classes and extracurricular activities. Showing NUMATS scores to educators may steer your child into a more challenging curriculum that can help your child thrive now and on into college. You will also gain access to weekend and summer enrichment programs that you might not otherwise know about. All of these extras have been shown to better help students reach their full potential.

For your child, the NUMATS can provide increased self-confidence and the company of similarly capable peers. For you as a parent, NUMATS can help you guide your child in the right direction for a fulfilling lifetime of learning.