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Temp Center Contact information:
720 University Place 
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: 847/467-3318
Fax: 847/563-1328

QUESTIONS about how to apply? Feel free to contact the Temp Center at tcadministration@northwestern.edu.

QUESTIONS about employment with us? Please contact us directly at sep@northwestern.edu.


How to Apply

Apply to available positions via the Northwestern Human Resources Job Search Site. Search by entering CTD in the keywords field, and all available CTD positions will be returned. You may also enter the "Job ID" listed below to locate the specific position (must click "Advanced Search" and then enter the Job Opening ID). Please read the full job posting for instructions on indicating your site preference (Evanston, Chicago, Palatine, Naperville, Lake Bluff). Please submit only one online application per Job ID. Applying multiple times will result in automatic rejection e-mails for each duplicate application from the HR system.

SEP Instructor

The online application for SEP Instructor - Fall 2016 will be available in August 2016. Please check back then!

View the SEP Instructor position description.

SEP Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants work with academically talented students and their instructors to build a comfortable and rigorous learning environment in a gifted education classroom. Students are ages 4 through 15, depending on class assignment. Job openings may be available at the following locations: Evanston (NU campus), Palatine (500 N. Benton), Naperville (North Central College), Chicago (751 N. State), and Lake Bluff (350 W. Washington Ave).

The online application for SEP Teaching Assistant - Fall 2016 will be available in August 2016. Please check back then!

Please see How to Apply above for instructions.

View the SEP Teaching Assistant position.

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