The Center for Talent Development's Summer Program
CTD's Summer Program
Job Opportunities

Summer Program staff members have the opportunity to work with bright, motivated students, gain valuable experience in a vibrant learning community and feel great about how they spent the summer.

Apply to available positions via the Northwestern Human Resources Job Search Site. Search by entering CTD in the keywords field, and all available CTD positions will be returned. You may also search by Job Posting number, listed below. Please continue checking this website, as we will remove positions that become full, and post positions of particularly high need.

Download this document for a quick view of the steps for applying to work at Northwestern with CTD this summer. Please submit only one online application. You will be considered for the 4 positions you indicate on your supplemental application form. Applying multiple times will result in automatic rejection emails for each duplicate application from the HR system.

In addition to your NU HR application, you must complete our online Supplemental Application, found here. Your staff application will not be complete or considered without it. Positions are reviewed and filled on a rolling basis.

List of Courses (including sites and dates)
Download these documents for information about the courses we are offering Summer 2015. Dates and locations are included on these lists.

All Leapfrog (PK-3) and Spark (3-4) Courses

All Grade 4 - 12 Courses

Temp Center Contact information:
720 University Place 
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: (847) 467-0048
Fax: (847) 563-1328

Available Positions - Job Descriptions

To view a job posting on Northwestern University's Human Resources site, click the job number, once at the Careers page either type the job title into the Keywords field or select Advanced Search and enter the job posting number in the Job Opening ID field. 

Leapfrog Program (PreK - grade 3)
Spark, Solstice, Apogee in Elmhurst (grades 3-6)
Solstice, Apogee, Spectrum & Equinox in Evanston (grades 4-12)
Academic Staff
Instructor   (job posting 24649)
Teaching Assistant   (job posting 24657)
Academic Coordinator   (job posting 24643)
Assistant Academic Coordinator   (job posting 24642)

Support and Office Staff
Summer Program Coordinator Assistant   (job posting 24656)
Temporary Program Assistant #1   (job posting 24659)
Temporary Program Assistant #2   (job posting 24660)
Office Assistant   (job posting 24651)
Academic Office Manager   (job posting 24644)
Off-Site Office Manager    (job posting 24652)
Technology Coordinator   (job posting 24658)
Lab Prep Coordinator     (job posting 24650)

Residential Staff
Residential Coordinator   (job posting 24654)
Assistant Residential Coordinator   (job posting 24645)
Residential Assistant   (job posting 24653)
Auxiliary Residential Assistant   (job posting 24646)
Commuter Assistant   (job posting 24648)
Residential Teaching Assistant (Equinox Program Only)   (job posting 24655)
Auxiliary Residential Teaching Assistant (Equinox Program Only)  (job posting 24647)

Civic Leadership Institute in Chicago (grades 9-12)
Administrative, instructional and residential positions are available. Candidates interested in positions with the Civic Leadership Institute should submit an online application through the Civic Education Project.

QUESTIONS about how to apply? Contact the Temp Center at

QUESTIONS about employment with us? Contact us directly at