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Approaches to Acceleration

Backpack for Teachers Series

On-demand and Live Professional Learning Resources

New for Spring 2021: Approaches to Acceleration

Resources for Educators and Administrators to Plan Services, Create Policies, and Address Common Myths

How do you help a child who clearly needs more advanced instruction when you have limited dollars or staff? How can your school maximize access to a wide range of learning opportunities? What is one of the most widely researched and evidence-based practices in education? Acceleration.

Acceleration is a best practice that promotes educational equity. All children deserve the opportunity to develop their talents, and acceleration in its many forms can help make that possible. The Approaches to Acceleration series provides several on-demand webinars coupled with an optional live virtual applied practice session and resource materials (model policies, tips for practice, etc.) to provide you with easy-to-use content you can implement immediately to dispel myths and remove barriers to a highly effective practice.

Content Includes

  • Acceleration and Its Many Forms on-demand webinar
  • Creating Effective Acceleration Policies on-demand webinar and resource guide
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations about Acceleration live, online applied practice session (Date and time TBD; via Zoom)
  • Understanding the Research resource guide
  • Talking Points to help Educators, Parents, and Administrators address common myths about acceleration
students working in science lab

Things to Know

  • Fee: $100 for the full series ($35 for the live, online applied practice session only)
  • Series content will be open to participants starting April 26.
  • Registrants have access to materials for 6 months.
  • Materials are provided via Schoology, CTD's Learning Management System, and discussion boards provide for Q & A and extension conversations among participants and facilitators
  • For questions, contact us at

CTD Blog: The Benefits of Acceleration

Gifted education advocates encourage the use of acceleration, and research supports it, but a longstanding barrier has been the belief that social emotional difficulties that might come with a more challenging learning environment outweigh the academic benefits. Read an interview with CTD Director Paula Olszewski-Kubilius about the latest research findings. 

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