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Grade 9 - Grade 12 Summer

Academic Challenge and Fun with Friends while Preparing for the Future

Spend the Summer with CTD

CTD offers a variety of flexible and accessible summer options, ranging from online to in-person commuter and residential programs, which take place on Northwestern’s Evanston campus. Courses provide challenging high-school honors and Advanced Placement® options taught in a highly supportive environment. CTD summer programs encourage students to explore academic areas of interest and connect with a community of peers from around the globe.

Note About Summer 2021

As a result of the pandemic and for the health of our students and staff members, CTD is planning for its summer programs to be online for summer 2021. Summer online courses are available in a variety of formats from live, synchronous courses to more flexibly paced courses. All courses are taught by experienced instructors who personalize learning and create a robust community where students engage in discussions and collaborative learning activities.


Live, Online Summer Programming

The Equinox Online Summer Program offers high-achieving, motivated high school students the opportunity to receive college-level and pre-professional instruction from master teachers and industry leaders. Live, synchronous classes engage students in critical and creative problem solving as they grapple with advanced concepts in subjects from math and science to writing and technology, producing products such as writing portfolios or original IOS apps. CTD online summer programs also include fun, creative social and recreational activities that can be done remotely, allowing students to build friendships with others from around the world.

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Leadership and Service Learning Programs

CTD's Civic Education Project (CEP) offers promising young people opportunities to learn and serve in communities across the country, developing the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills they need to make a positive impact on the world.

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We were encouraged to collaborate and problem-solve. We weren't just asked to absorb information and memorize it for tests; we were using information to create and test ideas.” - CTD Student


How To Be Part of a CTD Summer Program

If you have found the program right for you, we’d love for you to apply today! Learn more about the enrollment process.

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