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Educational Program Guide

Center for Talent Development’s Educational Program Guide is a searchable, user-friendly directory of programs and opportunities for the development of academic talent. This guide is intended to inform gifted and talented students and their families of a wide range of unique options and programs, which are currently being offered for advanced summer and academic-year coursework.

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Label Rentals

Students and their families are Center for Talent Development’s first priority, and we are careful to protect our students’ information. We do, however, recognize the value in supplying family mailing labels to selective programs that recruit gifted and academically talented students. Students benefit from knowing their options for educational programming, and our label rental services allow us to increase student awareness of learning alternatives designed specifically for them.

If you run a gifted education program that may be of interest to CTD students, view CTD's Label Rental Instructions & Application to learn more. If you have questions, please contact Andrew Bauer at

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