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Pre-K - Grade 3 (Summer)

Enrichment that encourages exploration and discovery

Young Student Programs

Early childhood is the first step on the path of lifelong learning. At CTD young students (and their parents) have a chance to explore, discover, and experience playful learning while being guided by expert educators.

Online Programs

CTD’s unique set of online offerings includes courses families can engage in together and flexibly paced enrichment courses.

If you are looking for online, live-session weekend courses, check out our CTD Encounters and CTD Weekend at Home courses for grades 4-8, in the Weekend section, above. 

CTD Pathfinders

“She had a fabulous time and learned a huge amount about a variety of science topics clustered around a creative theme. It was as though the course had been written for her.” - CTD Parent 

Parent Education

webinars and in-person seminars

Find the Best Courses for Your Child

Dozens of subjects. Hundreds of courses. Countless experiences. 

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