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PreK - Grade 3 (Weekend)

Enriching Programs Outside of the Regular School Week

CTD's Weekend Enrichment Programs connect students with trained educators who are experienced in working with talented students. These courses encourage cooperation and participation from parents as well as students in order to create a sustained, whole-family approach and maximize success. Whether you're looking for single-weekend experiences or courses that fill an entire season, CTD can connect you with the resources that your gifted learner needs.

Because of ongoing concerns about the spread of COVID-19, face-to-face programming will not take place this fall. Please continue to check our website for updates and news about program options as we remain dedicated to offering exceptional online and face-to-face courses.  

Weekend Programs Designed for Maximum Flexibility.

CTD understands that different families have different needs, and our Weekend Enrichment Programs reflect that. Weekend Enrichment Programs are available in both single-weekend and multi-weekend formats. For further flexibility, CTD also offers advanced enrichments courses on Sunday at Northwestern University's Evanston campus

“My child participated in CTD's Weekend Enrichment Program and both of us absolutely loved it. The educators guiding the courses were very knowledgable and energizing.”

30 Years of Experience with Remote Learning 

Remote learning isn’t new to us. It’s not a contingency plan. It’s been part of our program for 30 years. As experts in remote learning, we offer high-quality education whether remote learning is a choice or a mandate. 

You can’t always get to the class. But the class can come to you. Our summer online classes help students find their path from anywhere in the world.

How To Be Part of the Weekend Enrichment Program

Don’t just find your kids something to do on weekends. Enroll them in a program that they can find themselves in. 

Teach in Our Weekend Enrichment Programs

Weekend programs at CTD are where dedicated, creative, and passionate teachers work with children of all ages who are ready to learn. Your enthusiasm meets their excitement, and your expertise can shape their lives. If you want to make a difference this summer, come teach at CTD.

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Find the Weekend Program For Your Child

Dozens of subjects and courses. Countless experiences. Find the weekend program that will help your child advance academically and discover the joy of learning.

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