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Educator Consulting Program Review Pageblock

The Benefits of Collaborating with CTD

100% of school service clients would recommend working with CTD to other schools or districts.

“This is exactly what we were looking for from CTD!” 

“The recommendations were just what we needed.”


Professional Learning Opportunities

Through professional development, outreach, and advocacy efforts, CTD informs educators about developments in the field of gifted education.

See our Professional Learning page for current workshops, Ready for Right Now PD, and customized offerings.

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Program Review

Make sure your programming and services for advanced learners reflect best practices and meet state and national guidelines by conducting a review with CTD’s expert staff. Comprehensive program reviews typically involve the following components, but can be customized to your specific goals and budget:

  • Presentations to school or district leaders and stakeholders
  • Stakeholder surveys using questions based on the National Association for Gifted Children’s (NAGC) Pre-K – Grade 12 Gifted Education Programming Standards.
  • Stakeholder focus groups
  • Classroom observations
  • Above-grade-level assessment of students
  • Document review
  • Final report with recommendations

CTD staff members will meet with your team to discuss the project goals and implementation timeline. Following the review, CTD will provide a report outlining specific recommendations in each of the priority areas identified for improvement.  

Program review costs are generally between $5,000 and $15,000, but vary based on components included and size of the project. Contact us for more information. References available upon request. 

Policy Review

Does your school or district need a new acceleration policy or help with your identification procedures? CTD staff members are available to discuss your needs and questions, share research and recommended practices, help review state and local guidelines, make recommendations, and help draft language for your policies and procedures. 

Policy consultations can be done on an hourly or project basis. Hourly rates start at $200. Contact us for more information or a quote.

Assessment and Data Review

Invest in an in-depth, hands-on session with a CTD assessment specialist, tailored to your questions, data, and desired outcomes. Topics may include:

  • School grade-level data analysis
  • Above-grade-level data analysis
  • Comparative analysis of data sets
  • Historical data analysis
  • Growth for advanced learners
  • Identification of trends for advanced learners
  • Needs identification and programming recommendations

Assessment and data consultations can be done on an hourly or project basis. Hourly rates start at $200. Contact us for more information or a quote.

Customized Consulting Packages

Targeted professional development regarding the needs of high ability or gifted students and best practices for instruction enables educators to be more effective, especially since many educators do not receive training as part of their teacher preparation programs. CTD provides a wide range of learning opportunities for CTD can provide guidance and recommendations on a variety of topics to help you improve your programs and services for advanced students and increase engagement with your stakeholders. Invest in consulting with CTD to help your school or district with the following:

  • Understanding talent development and defining giftedness
  • Adhering to identification best practices 
  • Implementing acceleration policies and understanding the scope of accelerative practices
  • Understanding and implementing state policies and guidelines
  • Supporting and educating parents
  • Meeting the needs of advanced learners using a levels of service approach

Consultations can be done on an hourly or project basis. Hourly rates start at $200. Contact us for more information or a quote.

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