2018 Summer Courses for Educators

2018 Summer Courses for Educators

Summer Courses on Differentiation and Models of Best Practice

Participate in one-week intensive courses designed to help certified teachers better meet the unique needs of high-ability or gifted students in a variety of settings, including mixed-ability classrooms, schools for gifted students, and gifted pull-out programs. Participants learn approaches to curriculum planning and pedagogy that create a challenging learning environment for all students. The two courses offered this summer are Differentiating Instruction for High-Ability Learners and Meeting the Needs of High-Ability Learners. Both courses provide opportunities to observe in Center for Talent Development classrooms.

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Work with CTD

Create your own practicum in gifted education! CTD hires dynamic educators for a range of program staff and administrative positions in our online, weekend, and summer programs.

See our Job Opportunities page for current oppenings, job descriptions, and application procedures.

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Online Professional Development Modules

Online learning will energize your teaching practice, at your convenience, in 1 to 3 hours per week. Classes are differentiated and personalized to offer an optimal experience for you. ISBE Professional Development Hours are available for each session. The modules are 1-4 weeks long and address key issues.

Cost varies by length of session: $25 discount per participant for districts enrolling 3 or more participants; discount for CTD instructors. If you have questions, please e-mail project coordinator Randee Blair at r-blair@northwestern.edu.

Current Calendar: Check back in July for Fall Offerings


Educator's Conference

CTD’s conferences for educators inform teachers of best practices in gifted education and inspire them to strive toward mastery of their craft and better instruction and support for gifted students. Conferences are typically held each fall and spring.


Customized Professional Development Workshops

Targeted professional development regarding the needs of high ability or gifted students and best practices for instruction enables educators to be more effective, especially since many educators do not receive gifted education training as part of their teacher preparation programs. Work with CTD to design the program that works best for your school or district.

  • Convenient, asynchronous online minicourses on topics including, but not limited to, identification best practices, social-emotional needs, or differentiation
  • Customizable one- or two-day workshops at your site
  • Hybrid offerings (online and face-to-face)
  • Opportunities to work in CTD summer, online and weekend programs, providing on-the-job skills and experience

Contact us at ctd-school-services@northwestern.edu or 847/467-0615 to discuss a proposal for services.

Participation at Special Events

To better serve the gifted population and share resources and information with a wider audience, CTD staff attend many state gifted conferences, state award ceremonies, educational fairs, parent meetings and national educational conferences. Please check the CTD calendar for upcoming events. If you know of an event that CTD should consider attending, please e-mail ctd@northwestern.edu.

Summer Courses in Gifted Education through Northwestern University's School of Education and Social Policy

The School of Education and Social Policy is offering two summer courses for educators at a special, reduced tuition rate.


Educators may earn a Certificate of Advanced Study, focusing on high-ability learners. Two courses are offered this summer, Differentiating Instruction for High-Ability Learners and Meeting the Needs of High-Ability Learners, in June and July on the Evanston campus from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Both courses include hands-on experience with the Center for Talent Development programs. Teachers receive 30 professional development hours and a graduate credit for each course and a certificate of completion for four courses in a topic strand. All courses can be applied towards a Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership.


For details and to register, visit the School of Education and Social Policy website

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