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Service-Learning and Leadership

Residential, Commuter, and Online Programs That Fill Summer With The Joy Of Discovery

A Summer Program Beyond the Classroom

The summer programs at the Center for Talent Development are designed to help your child advance academically in an engaging, hands-on way.  We feature:

  • Full-day classes
  • Residential options
  • Drop-off and pick-up options
  • Incredible teachers who encourage true learning
  • Hundreds of potential classes for every age group

Programs for Every Kind of Learner. Experiences That Last Forever.

You have a lot of choices for the summer. You want a program that sparks interest in learning in fun, challenging, and exciting ways. You need a summer program that does more than fill the day. CTD summer programs provide an experience that fills the mind, creates a peer network, and builds life-long skills. 

Commuter, Residential, and Online Programs

No matter how a student learns and no matter what schedules need to be balanced, there are programs that help them develop their talents. Summer is where interests turn into areas of expertise. A lifetime of success starts in summer.   

“My child went to the CTD summer programs dedicated to school. She came home excited about learning. I know she’ll be an even better student this year.”

30 Years of Experience with Remote Learning 

Remote learning isn’t new to us. It’s not a contingency plan. It’s been part of our program for 30 years. As experts in remote learning, we offer high-quality education whether remote learning is a choice or a mandate. 

You can’t always get to the class. But the class can come to you. Our summer online classes help students find their path from anywhere in the world.

Teach in Our Summer Programs

Summer programs at CTD are where dedicated, creative, and passionate teachers work with children of all ages who are ready to learn. Your enthusiasm meets their excitement, and your expertise can shape their lives. If you want to make a difference this summer, come teach at CTD.

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Find the Summer Program For Your Child

Dozens of subjects. Hundreds of courses. Countless experiences. Find the summer program that will help your child advance academically and discover the joy of learning.

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