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Center for Talent Development

Developing Children's Talents Through Unique and Challenging Academic Programs

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What Makes CTD Special?
Over 40 Years of Experience Developing Children's Talents

Explore. Discover. Excel.

Realizing one’s full potential is a journey. Since 1982, Center for Talent Development (CTD), part of Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy, has provided comprehensive programs and services that guide and encourage students on that journey. CTD helps young people find their individualized strengths and interests, while creating their unique talent development path. At CTD, students learn more than content and academic skills. Our students:

  • Create lasting relationships with peers and mentors
  • Generate attitudes and skills that promote lifelong learning
  • Learn and grow from setbacks and disappointments
  • Turn interests into career explorations
  • Turn career explorations into future goals and achievements
  • Have a lot of fun

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Grade Levels

Programs and Courses Designed For Every Age Group

Students at different ages learn in different ways, have different needs, and have different goals. They need programs that are designed to help them advance in ways that fit their stage of development and family situation. Find the right program for now or think ahead to plan your next steps: 

Program Types

There’s No One Right Time (or way) To Learn. 

Students have a lot of responsibilities throughout the year (and so do families). We’ve designed our programs to fit in every season, adapt to competing schedules, and address multiple interests and goals. View all our program options. 

Young girl student taking a test
Assessment to guide talent development

Understand Your Abilities. Find Your Strengths. Chart Your Own Path.

Not every student knows their strengths or the level and pace at which they are ready to learn new content and skills. CTD can help. Since its inception, CTD has utilized above-grade-level testing as one way to identify academic ability, measure growth, and connect academically advanced students with resources and educational opportunities, including gifted education services, advanced academic programs, and academic acceleration. CTD can provide:

  • Grade-Level assessment (Age 4 - Grade 3)
  • Above-Grade-Level assessment (Grades 3 - 9)
  • Talent development pathways consulting

Learn More About CTD Assessment for Talent Development

Teacher explaining project to students
Services for Educators and Schools

At CTD, Educators Develop Their Talents too and Schools Create the Best Programs Possible

Evidence-based practices and continuous improvement in education, particularly gifted education, are at the heart of our mission. Our expert staff members work with schools to review and reimagine gifted education programs and services that are equitable, inclusive, and responsive to the diverse needs of students. CTD professional learning teaches educators to identify abilities and learning needs and to provide more personalized enriched and accelerated instruction. Customized courses bring CTD's enrichment and accelerated coursework into classrooms.

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