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CTD Assessments for Schools

Assess Learning Needs and Growth. Inform Instruction.
Guide Talent Development.

Get the Most Out of Your Data

Benefit from CTD's Assessment Expertise

CTD understands advanced learners and the challenges of assessing accurately their instructional levels and growth. Work with a CTD assessment specialist to

  • Understand your data, use it to guide programs and instruction, and evaluate the impact of your programs;
  • Use above-grade-level assessments, including Northwestern University's Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS), to make decisions about enrichment and acceleration and monitor growth;
  • Conduct a comparative analysis of data sets and identify growth trends for your advanced learners;
  • Determine programming recommendations; or
  • Conduct NWEA MAP™, CogAT®, PSAT™ 8/9, SAT®, or ACT® testing for students.

Assessment and data consultations can be done on an hourly or project basis. Hourly rates start at $200. Contact us for more information or a quote.

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Accurately Measure Growth and Readiness

Northwestern University's Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS)

NUMATS above-level assessments and resources ensure educators have the tools necessary to help students reach their full potential. By using above-grade-level assessments (PSAT 8/9 for students in grades 3-6 and SAT or ACT for students in grades 6-9), NUMATS offers a more nuanced profile of advanced students’ learning needs. When given as above-grade-level assessments to high-achieving students, the tests used in NUMATS reveal the type of content students are ready to learn and assess readiness for acceleration, allowing educators to differentiate instruction to the appropriate level and make well-informed decisions about programs and services. NUMATS also provides growth percentiles and a normative comparison to other high-achieving students who have participated in NUMATS.

NUMATS Information
Get Started with NUMATS

Guide to Participation for Schools

There are myriad ways for schools to engage with NUMATS. We encourage you to download and review our Guide to Participation for Schools to learn how to implement NUMATS in your school or district. Schools can:

  • Register students to test on national test date at a local test center
  • Arrange to test at their school or district
  • Have families register individually for dates and locations of their choosing

The Guide provides all the information you need from test site set up to accessing your data.

NUMATS Guide to Participation for Schools

We also encourage you to watch the short overview video for parents and educators, which provides information about what NUMATS is, what the scores mean, and how to register. 

Resources and Forms for NUMATS Participants

If you are already using NUMATS at your school or district, make sure you have all the tools and resources you need–from informational guides for parents to forms for setting up a test site.

Contact Our Assessment Team

We would love to talk with you to discuss your needs. If you are a current school participant, remember that resources and previous test score data are available by logging into your online Toolbox


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