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Programs for Students Age 4 - Gr 2

Enrichment that encourages exploration and discovery.

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Talent Development in Early Childhood

Early childhood is the first step on the path to lifelong learning. At CTD young students, and their parents, have a chance to explore topics of interest, develop new skills, and experience playful learning while being guided by expert educators. Learn about our programs for young students.

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Understand Your Child's Abilities. Find Their Strengths.

Learning more about your child's abilities and strengths is an important part of the talent development process. For young children beginning to demonstrate advanced learning potential, assessment can help you select enrichment and accelerated learning activities that match your child's readiness and interests. For older students performing at high levels in school, above-grade-level testing is a valuable tool for helping you identify academic strengths and readiness for acceleration, measuring growth, and connecting academically advanced students with resources and opportunities. CTD offers a variety of assessment options and talent development resources for students age 4 through grade 10.

  • Young learners and program planning
  • Above-grade-level assessment for acceleration and enrichment
  • Cognitive abilities and academic growth monitoring
  • Talent development pathways consulting

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"She had a fabulous time and learned a huge amount about a variety of science topics clustered around a creative theme. It was as though the course had been written for her."

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