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Grade 9 - Grade 12 Online

Personalized Learning that Offers Challenge, Choice, and Preparation for College and Careers

Online Learning Empowers Students

Online courses can be particularly well suited for gifted students, allowing them to set their own pace and dive deeply into topics of strength and interest. CTD online programs provide students access to honors, AP® and enrichment courses, which may not be available in their schools, when they are ready for them.

high school students on th train in Chicago

Leadership and Service Learning Programs

Through innovative school-year and summer programs and online courses, the Civic Education Project (CEP) offers promising young people opportunities to learn and serve in communities across the country, developing the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills they need to make a positive impact on the world.

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“My child went to the CTD summer programs dedicated to school. She came home excited about learning. I know she’ll be an even better student this year.”

-CTD Parent

Decades of Experience with Remote Learning 

Remote learning isn’t new to us. It’s not a contingency plan. It’s been part of our program for almost 40 years. As experts in remote learning, we offer high-quality education whether remote learning is a choice or a mandate. 

You can’t always get to the class. But the class can come to you. Our summer online classes help students find their path from anywhere in the world.


How To Be Part of CTD Programs

Don’t just find something to do. Enroll in a program with life-changing impact. 


Find the Program For You

Dozens of subjects. Hundreds of courses. Countless experiences. Find the course that will help you advance academically and maintain your love of learning.

Find the Right Course

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