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About Center for Talent Development

CTD is dedicated to helping academically talented students, age 3 through grade 12, realize their full potential.

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Talent Development Is A Journey

Our Pathways Approach

No student is born with a set destination, and talent development takes many forms. We know that talents, passions, and goals are discovered through exploration, challenge, dedication, and mentorship. When a student finds their desired path, Center for Talent Development (CTD) is there to provide guidance and support.

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A Track Record of Success

Our History and Mission

Since 1982, CTD has evolved from a single focus on talent identification to a multi-faceted research and service organization with four central goals:

  • Talent identification,
  • Talent development,
  • Research, and
  • Advocacy.

By continually assessing programs, conducting new research, and surveying participants, CTD remains at the forefront of gifted education and talent development. Today, CTD offers hundreds of enrichment and accelerated courses for students age 3 to grade 12, parent and educator learning communities, and program development for schools.

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Advancing the Fields of Gifted Education and Talent Development

CTD Research

CTD programs are informed by the vast amount of research conducted by director Paula Olszewski-Kubilius and other members of the CTD staff and faculty. As a long-standing leader in the fields of talent development and gifted education, CTD strives to advocate for students, their families, and educators.

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"I’d recommend CTD to anyone. It’s challenging, exciting, fun, and different from any experience I ever had in school or at another summer camp. CTD has given me lifelong skills, knowledge, and friendships.” - CTD Alum

CTD Director Paula Olszewski-Kubilius
Expertise and Experience

CTD Leadership

CTD director Paula Olszewski-Kubilius is a renowned scholar in the field of gifted education. Her commitment to the gifted education community is widely recognized and inspires each member of the leadership team.  The CTD leadership team brings extensive experience, research, and dedication to their roles within the center.

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Creativity, Innovation, and Passion

CTD Staff

All CTD staff share a commitment to education, a passion for excellence, and enthusiasm for helping students reach their potential. Their diverse backgrounds and areas of study allow staff members to contribute to the center through unique individual skill sets, while collaborating to best serve the overall CTD mission.

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A Commitment to Quality


CTD has been accredited as a Nonpublic-Supplementary school by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) since April 1, 1994. Accreditation not only means CTD adheres to high quality standards; it also means CTD can grant academic credit for the rigorous high school courses offered through its various programs.

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