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Grades and Evaluation

Performance Evaluations

After completing a course, each student receives a performance evaluation (except in Online Family, CTD Encounters at Home, Leapfrog-Spark at Home, and Accelerated Weekend Experience courses). The evaluation includes a rubric rating the student’s skills critical to learning, comments on the student's mastery of the content, and recommendations for future study. Evaluations are sent to families via e-mail.

Students in graded courses receive a letter grade and credit-bearing courses include the amount of credit earned through Center for Talent Development. For all credit-bearing courses at CTD, a grade of C- or better is considered successful completion.


Students in credit-bearing courses may request that CTD send their performance evaluation and an official transcript to their school by indicating this on the program application. Additional official transcripts (for college applications, scholarships, etc.) may be requested for a fee using the official transcript request feature in your MyCTD account. The CTD transcript reflects all courses taken at CTD and all grades and credit earned, if applicable.

Students in advanced enrichment courses typically do not receive transcripts, since no grades or credits are awarded. Still, students may request that CTD send an official transcript to their school.

Unofficial transcripts are available for download in MyCTD. Once logged in to your MyCTD account, click on "Tools" in the menu bar, and then select "Transcript".


Students receive a course syllabus by the first day of class. The syllabus provides the course description, essential questions, learning objectives, and an overview of course activities. Sample syllabi are available for Online Program Enrichment, Core Essentials, Honors, AP, and ASO courses through a link in the course description. For the Summer Program, syllabi are in development until just prior to the first day of class, and most syllabi are not available until that time.

Course Credit

CTD is accredited as a supplementary school through the North Central Association Commission on School Improvement (NCA CASI) and, for CTD Online courses, the NCAA. To learn more about CTD's accreditation, please visit the accreditation webpage.

Students who complete an honors-level or AP® designated course with a grade of C- or better may be eligible to receive one or two semesters of high school credit through CTD, depending on the course. Please see course descriptions for the amount of credit offered in a course.

Acceptance of credit(s) at a student’s academic year school depends on that school’s institutional policy about the recognition of credit from outside institutions. Students who wish to receive credit from their school for a CTD course should contact their school's academic counselor or school administrator before applying to CTD.

CTD recommends that students who plan to seek placement or credit at the academic year school for CTD coursework do the following:

  1. Contact the school counselor, principal, or registrar at their academic year school (the individual or department responsible for granting credit for a student’s work at CTD).
  2. Ask what documentation is required to earn credit; CTD can assist families by providing a course description, syllabus, narrative evaluation, and transcript for each student following completion of the course.
  3. Submit the required documentation to the academic year school. While successful completion of a CTD course indicates that a student has mastered the required material, CTD does not guarantee that the academic year school will acknowledge or accept the credit earned.

Service-Learning Hours

Participants in Civic Education Project (CEP) courses may receive between 25 and 100 hours of service-learning credit towards school or extracurricular requirements. CEP is willing to complete specific forms required for students to earn service hours; contact the CEP office for assistance.


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