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For program-specific contact information, see Contact Information by Program to the right.

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Location and General Contact Information

Center for Talent Development

617 Dartmouth Place

Evanston, IL 60208

p: 847/491-3782

Contact Information by Program

Admissions and General Inquiries
p: 847/467-1575


Grade-Level Assessment (MAP, CogAT, KTEA); Above-Grade-Level Assessment (Formally known as NUMATS)
p: 847/491-3782 

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Program
p: 847/491-7127

Leadership and Service-Learning Programs
Civic Education Project (CEP)
p: 847/467-2572

Online Programs

Online Family Program (K-3), Online Enrichment and Online Core Essentials (Grades 3-8); Online Honors (Grades 6-12) and AP® (Grades 9-12)   
p: 847/467-1536

Leadership Intensive Online (Grades 7-10)
p: 847/467-2572

Academic Summer Day and Residential Programs

Academic Day Camps at Chicago Area Sites (PreK - Grade 6)
p: 847/491-7676

Academic Day and Residential Camps at Northwestern University (Grades 6-12) 
p: 847/491-8257

Civic Leadership Institute (Grades 9-12)
p: 847/467-2572

Weekend Enrichment Programs
p: 847/491-7676

Educators and Schools
p: 847/491-3782


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