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Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement

Assessment for Measuring Academic Achievement and Growth

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In-person, individual assessment

KTEA in-person testing is currently limited to our Evanston, Illinois location. Contact CTD for other assessment options:

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Test dates occur throughout the year. See the Registration Process, Dates, and Fees section below.


KTEA In-Person Testing: $175

Purpose of Assessment

To help create the best match between a student's academic needs and the learning environment, some Center for Talent Development (CTD) courses have admission requirements. Standardized test scores are one method families can use to demonstrate readiness to succeed in the selected course.

Because many students, particularly young children, do not have the opportunity
for testing within their schools, CTD offers achievement and school abilities testing. The testing done by CTD is not a general psychological evaluation. It provides a "snapshot" of a student's academic achievement and readiness for the CTD learning environment.


Any child from age 4 through grade 3 may register for the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (KTEA Brief). In select circumstances (students without access to other testing, international students, etc.), older students may be eligible to participate. Contact for details.

Students taking the KTEA for program eligibility may also be given the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (KBIT) if their scores on the KTEA indicate a need for additional information. The KBIT is a brief, individually administered
measure of verbal and nonverbal reasoning ability.

Deciding When to Test

For very young children, parents should wait until their child is showing some familiarity with letters and numbers since a majority of
 the test battery will assess achievement related to this content.

CTD does offer courses during the academic year and during the summer that that do not require test scores for participation, so please check the course description for the course to which you are applying for any eligibility requirements. This will help you determine what is needed to complete the application.

Please note that successful completion of an open-enrollment course, such as the Online Family Program does not qualify a student to enroll in future CTD courses as a pre-qualified participant. Students who complete a CTD open-enrollment course will be required to apply as a new student with test scores or an admission portfolio when applying for courses with eligibility criteria.

Registration Process, Locations, Dates, and Fees

Registering for Individually Administered KTEA Testing (age 4 through grade 3)

To make a testing appointment for the individually administered KTEA/KBIT, create a new account in MyCTD, which is CTD's online system, or login to your existing account. After you create a student profile or select a currently existing student profile, click "Register for Testing". Select your student's age/grade to see options for testing dates and locations. Complete the registration fields and payment. A confirmation email will be sent to you upon completion.

Please note that KTEA test dates include a three-hour window. Your student will be scheduled for a one-hour test session within that three hour window. Your test consultant will contact you a week before your test date to confirm your specific time for testing within the window you selected.

Testing Locations

Test sites are available in Evanston, Illinois on the Northwestern Campus.

Cost for Testing

The cost for testing is $175, which is paid via credit card during the registration process.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, you will need to call 847/467-1575 or e-mail and a CTD staff member will assist you.  Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment within 72 hours may incur a processing fee. No shows or same day cancellations will not be eligible for a refund.  Please see the section below on Changes, Cancellations, and Refunds for related policies.  

If you have questions about the testing, call 847/467-1575 or e-mail



If your child has an identified disability that requires an accommodation or if you have questions about the test environment and your child's needs, contact CTD for assistance. Please call 847/467-1575 or e-mail to speak with a staff member. 

Changes, Cancellations, and Refund Policies

If you need to change a test registration, you will have up to 72 hours before the test date to make the change without penalty.  You will need to call 847/467-1575 or e-mail to change your registration. 

If CTD needs to change or cancel a test date or time (tester illness, system maintenance, etc.), you will be contacted as soon as possible via phone or email. A CTD staff member will work with you to reschedule the test. If a test cannot be rescheduled, a refund will be provided.  

Any request to cancel a registration and receive a full refund must be made in writing a minimum of 72 hours prior to the scheduled test date. E-mail the request to Cancellations made within 72 hours of a test date, but before the date of testing, are subject to a processing fee of $75.

No shows and test day cancellations are not eligible for any refund.

Refunds may take up to eight weeks to process. 

Testing Procedures (Day of the Test)

On the day of the test, after the testing staff introduces themselves to the parent(s), the child will be asked to go to the testing room with the tester to complete the assessment (one-on-one for KTEA/KBIT). The parent is close by in the waiting area while the child is being tested. Parents may not be in the test room or participate in the test process.

For the KTEA, testing can take 20 minutes or less (for 4 or 5 year olds) or up to an hour (older children). Administration time will vary due to children's needs and the assessments administered. Scores will be available to CTD within 1 to 2 days for use in program applications. A written review of the test scores will be sent to parents, usually within four to six weeks after testing is complete.

Contact CTD Assessment

For more information and assistance with selecting the correct test for your child, contact the CTD admissions and pathways advising office at

What is the KTEA Test?

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Additional Programs and Services for Families

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CTD works closely with schools and families to provide the information and resources they need to meet the needs of their advanced learners. From assessment to programming, and from consulting to parent education, CTD's expert staff are ready to help.

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