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CTD Associate Director Susan Corwith Appears on WATG Podcast

CTD Associate Director Dr. Susan Corwith was a recent guest on the July 7 episode of the WATG Podcast, the official podcast of the Wisconsin Association for the Talented and Gifted. The podcast, hosted by WATG board member Cory Jennerjohn, has been visited by many speakers who play key roles in gifted institutions and research from across the United States.  

In her time on the podcast, Susan described her role and history at CTD, as well as the work that the Center does in the gifted community. 

“We’ve learned so much more about the influences on talent development, not just on the academic side, but also social-emotional development and psycho-social skill development,” she explained when asked about CTD’s research. “We look at factors that we can influence in-school and outside of school, as well as the various domains of talent more broadly.” 

The conversation covered several topics including identifying talent in students and overcoming difficulties and frustrations before Susan was asked how it felt to witness a student persevere through an obstacle and immerse themselves in a topic that interests them. 

“[watching a student find success] is the best part, I love that. You can see their eyes light up and they can’t wait to tell you or others about their passion, and that’s really what motivates you to keep going.” 

Susan’s episode, along with all other episodes of the WATG Podcast, are available for listening on Spotify. 

Click Here to Listen to the WATG Podcast 

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