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CTD at Teachx

Assistant Coordinators for the Solstice and Equinox Summer Programs, Danielle Holtz and Ruth Doan, will be presenting a session at the upcoming TEACHx 2021 event at Northwestern University.  TEACHx is an annual event focused on innovation and creativity in learning design and educational technology.  The session is called Leveling Up Student Engagement in Virtual Classes.  The 16-minute video applies the power of positive reinforcement (gamification) to teaching online.  Holtz and Doan will demonstrate how to level up student engagement and critical thinking and get students to respond to each other in a virtual class meeting.  

TEACHx 2021 is a 100% virtual conference running from May 10 through May 13, 2021.  The Keynote will be delivered by Jasmine Roberts who will call us to “center a human-first approach in our pedagogy and to consider the ways we can imbue the processes, procedure, and traditions of higher education with radical empathy.” 

On-demand videos are available starting at 12:00 pm CT on Monday, May 10 with live sessions starting on Tuesday, May 11. TEACHx 2021 is free to attend, and registration is now open. 

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