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The Quest For Effective Homework

iStock_000000281321SmallEducators and parents have a wide range of opinions when it comes to the topic of homework. Is it best to have homework? Or no homework? Or another method of learning at home? Students at one Iowa high school are experiencing a new method for learning at home. Teacher Katie Bunce calls her initiative “quests.” She does not assign homework, but instead allows students to embark on study quests and learn at their own pace. According to the Des Moines Register “she created a flow chart for each unit the class is studying. Within the unit are several quests that students can work on until they get 100 percent.” This approach allows for personalization of the learning, differentiated by interest and learning needs. And so far it seems to be working well for her Advanced Placement® students. More details about these “quests” can be found in the article, Urbandale Students Take Hands-On Role In Learning. What are the pros and cons of homework?  Should it be maintained in its traditional sense, eliminated, or redefined based on student needs?

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