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Leadership Philosophy

Civic Education Project

Learn. Grow. Lead. 

CEP’s Leadership Intensive course series is intended to inform, connect, support and challenge young leaders. Learn more about our pedagogy: 
Student Centered 
We meet young leaders where they are in their development and provide tools and resources to help them reflect on their strengths and skills and build their leadership capacity. 
Our instructional staff offer guidance, support, and challenge as students move through course work and activities. Course curricula focus on goal-setting, building habits as an independent learner and leader, and supporting the intellectual and social-emotional growth of students. 
Rooted in Community 
Our instructional staff are trained and skilled in building inclusive, vibrant class communities. Throughout the course there are ample opportunities to collaborate with classmates, work in small groups, and build connections with other young leaders. 
A Focus on Skill-Building 
Course assignments and assessments are designed to promote growth and help students apply their skills in real-life scenarios. A concluding narrative evaluation will provide personalized feedback designed to promote leadership traits and practices. 
Prioritizing Critical Inquiry and Honoring Multiple Perspectives 
Students are pushed to use facts and data as they discuss leadership topics and practices and build informed decision-making skills. The class community honors the diversity of students and staff and students will be asked to consider multiple approaches and ideas as they reflect on course content. 
Action Oriented 
The Leadership Intensive course series works to cultivate socially responsible leaders. Students are encouraged to reflect on applying their strengths and talents to be of service to communities they are a part of and in their everyday lives. 

Explore CEP's Leadership Pathway

Embark on a journey of intellectual, emotional, and social growth through personalized self-development and discovery. Learn more about CEP's Leadership Intensive course overview.

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