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Civic Education Project

The Importance of Service-Learning

Service-learning opportunities inspire young people to become active, engaged citizens. Students are challenged to learn in new ways while building their intellectual capacity, leadership skills, and potential to make change. 

What Is Service-Learning?

Service-learning is an approach to education that integrates meaningful community service with academic objectives for mutual benefit.

Approach to Education

Service-learning provides hands-on, immersive learning experiences to sharpen problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which serve as an important complement to traditional academic coursework.

Meaningful Community Service

Eye-opening service opportunities bring learning to life:

  • Pack groceries for a family in need and learn about food deserts in Chicago
  • Tour an innovative neighborhood medical clinic and learn about access to quality healthcare
  • Dialogue about immigration policy with local activists
  • Unite with local youth in support of quality after-school programs

Academic Objectives

Learning goals and a curriculum framework allow students to make connections across disciplines and integrate their experiences with other academic learning.

Mutual Benefit

Students learn about innovative approaches to solving social challenges from community leaders and experts, and seek to understand how their skills and talents can contribute to social good.


Experienced and Trusted Partners

CEP has been inspiring and training students to become active, engaged citizens and helping educators provide quality service-learning opportunities for over 20 years.

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