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Introducing Center for Talent Development

Get to Know CTD
Get to Know CTD

We don't want CTD to be a "best kept secret" as we have sometimes been described. CTD is a place of belonging, a place to be your authentic self, and to reach your full potential. In this video, CTD leaders, alumni, and current students provide the “inside scoop” about what CTD means to them and the opportunities it can provide at every stage of talent development.  

90% of student survey respondents agree or strongly agree that they feel safe and can be themselves in the CTD community.

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CTD Pathways Approach

At the Center for Talent Development, we believe that:

  • Talents and passions need to be identified and nurtured.
  • Talents can be developed through learning and practice.
  • Talent development requires more than content knowledge; it takes supporting the student holistically. 

It’s a process--a journey--that involves developing potential into achievement. Our job is to help students find their unique pathway. See what the Pathways approach looks like

The Expert Take on CTD Programs
What the Experts Say

Student voice is central to our programming and to our marketing and communications strategy. In 2022, as part of our 40th anniversary campaign, we worked with Northwestern Global Marketing to capture stories and share them widely. This piece, created by Global Marketing, was shared via Northwestern, SESP, and CTD social channels, garnering thousands of views, likes, and shares. 

Alumni Insights

At 41 years and counting, CTD has many alumni with very diverse experiences and important advice to share. Over the past few years, we have been deliberately collecting talent development stories and insights to share through blogs, video, and magazine stories. Web, social, and survey data tells us that these pieces are our most popular content. In this brief video, shared via social this year, alum Anthony Sparks--a television writer and academic--shares advice with our students and families. Anthony was also interviewed for our quarterly Newsletter, Talent.

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Our Students, Faculty, and Community Partners

CTD has a long history of creating life-changing opportunities for students, recruiting exceptional staff, and building relationships with community organizations, schools, and alumni. The attached spreads provide a few examples of our robust community and connections.

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CTD's Impact

CTD measure's its impact in a variety of ways: through accreditation, stakeholder feedback, and changes to policies and practices. The following documents provide insights into the accomplishments of CTD staff and community members over the last year.

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