CTD Backpack

CTD Backpack
CTD Backpack for Parents are able to:
  • Post updates, ask questions, and participate in discussions with other parents of gifted students.
  • Access free webinars, articles, videos, and podcasts tailored to their needs.
  • Learn about latest opportunities provided by CTD.
CTD Backpack for Students have an opportunity to:
  • Collaborate with our worldwide network of fellow gifted students.
  • Engage with our learning playlists and earn digital badges through our online informal learning activities.
  • Access articles, videos, podcasts, and discussions of their interest related to STEAM.

Check out Sample Content of CTD Backpack for Parents and for Students!

CTD BackpackTM for Parents (Podcast):


CTD BackpackTM for Students (Video Conference):


CTD Backpack FAQs

What is Schoology?

Schoology is a learning management system for K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and corporations that allows users to create, manage, and share content and resources.

What is CTD BackpackTM for Parents?

CTD BackpackTM for Parents provides a space for parents to collaborate and gain access to tips, research, and additional educational resources provided by CTD. If your child participates in a program which requires updates, Schoology will also be your essential guide to all communication details related to your program. Everything from what to bring on your first day to weather related emergencies will be included.

What is CTD BackpackTM for Students?

CTD BackpackTM for students is an online community of gifted students engaging in discussions, activities, problems, and articles related to STEM and the humanities. Additionally, students will have informal online learning opportunities to explore different subjects and interests, and interact with experts in the field.

Is Schoology safe?

Environment safety is our number one priority. We ensure that CTD staff actively monitors all groups and courses. Additionally, all data is controlled by CTD, and is protected from third parties. Each user is protected in a walled garden, allowing them the security to explore and contribute to our online community.

How do I get started?

We want Schoology to be a great resource for you and your student(s). Here are a few tips to begin the process.

  1. Register: Parents and students need to register CTD BackpackTM access on Schoology as a student. (*See explanation below)

  1. Personalize: Upload your picture to personalize your account. Online communities thrive when their members get acquainted. This is a safe space to show your personality, as well as showcase your academic talents while deepening them.

  1. Explore: Take some time to explore the platform. Discover all the resources provided in the resources tab and previous discussions.

  1. Engage: Look at the first discussion you see on the thread.  Does anything discussed strike a chord? Share your perspective!

  1. Return and Repeat: New content will be posted each week by CTD and parents will be encouraged to discuss topics daily. Come back and add to our vibrant community.

How do I sign up if my e-mail is already in use on Schoology?

If the primary e-mail you are using to sign up is already in use on Schoology, you can sign up by either using a username or a secondary e-mail. Make sure you use an email address you will check regularly. 

If you are using a username, after registration, please add an e-mail in the account setting tab on the upper right hand drop down menu. You will also need our school code (60208), along with your username and password for future logins.

What if my student does not have an e-mail?

If your student does not have an e-mail, they can be registered by creating a username or by creating an e-mail accout.  

If you are using a username, after registration, please add a secondary parent e-mail in the account setting tab on the upper right hand drop down menu. You will also need our school code (60208), along with your username and password for future logins.

*If I am a parent, why am I signing up as a student?

Great question. Schoology is set up for school districts to give students access to a safe online learning community. Therefore it requires a student email first. Through the student accounts they generate parent accounts. In this way, parents are prevented from collaborating if the student's profile is not created. We want to use the platform to its full potential and give everyone equal access to our community! Once your registration to CTD BackpackTM for Parents is completed, CTD will adjust your role to a parent. This will grant you access to all the amazing resources available in our online community.

What is our School Code?

This question is primarily for those that are using a username to sign in. When returning and logging in to Schoology, you are asked for your username, password, and school/zip code. Our code is 60208. This will be needed every time you login in using a username. Our suggestion is to add a primary e-mail to your account by clicking on the account setting tab on the upper right hand corner. This will act as your e-mail for logging in, give you notifications about our online community,  and will remove the need of the school code.  

I am on Schoology.com and I clicked “Get Started." What should I do now?

Once you are on the “Get Started” page, click on the “Create a Free Account” button. This will give you the option to sign up as a student, parent, or teacher.  Click on the student option, even if you are a parent. Next, paste the access code provided by CTD during registration and complete your Schoology registration process.  


If you are experiencing trouble and need assistance, please contact us at tickets@sesp.uservoice.com.

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