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Gifted LearningLinks allows high ability students to:

  • Access advanced subject matter, including credit-bearing honors and AP® level courses
  • Learn at an accelerated pace anytime and anywhere
  • Receive personalized guidance from expert instructors
  • Engage online with peers from around the world


Application Process

There are no test scores or further documentation required for participation in the Online Family Program. The best criterion to ensure success is that the child has an interest in the topic and at least one family member has time to work with the student.

Course Environment

Students will work with parent(s) on engaging course activities, requiring 2-5 hours per week. Courses feature:

  • Discussion boards
  • Core exercises as well as a variety of supplemental/extension projects

Technical Requirements

  • Students need access to a stable internet connection and updated web browser.
  • Participation in “live” online sessions may require a computer microphone or headset.
  • While iPads and tablet computers may be sufficient for most coursework, some web tools and/or websites may require the use of a computer or laptop.

Program Orientation

  • Acceptance notifications are sent via e-mail upon receipt of a completed application.  
  • Prior to the course start date, students receive login information allowing them to gain access to the learning management system, Schoology, which houses Online Family Program courses.  
  • Course access begins on the official start date.
  • Syllabi, assignments, timelines, discussion boards, links and more are found on the course site, which is available 24/7.
  • Primary communication with the course instructor and/or classmates occurs within the learning management system.  
  • Online, real-time discussions allow participants to share their discoveries and collaborate with other family groups from around the world.
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