Tadpole Academy

Tadpole Academy

CTD Parent-Child Classes

CTD parent-child classes stimulate children’s creative thinking and problem-solving skills in math, science, and language arts.

Most young children enjoy playing with their parents and other adults, especially when the children can take the lead and make their own decisions. During class, parents observe and practice interactions and conversations, which foster cognitive growth.

Coding for the preschool set | An interview with former CTD Early Childhood Coordinator, Ann Gadzikowski


Enrollment Process

There are no test scores or further documentation required for participation in Tadpole Academy.   Tadpole Academy is a member of our Amber Tier open enrollment option.  Successful completion of the class does not qualify students to enroll in future classes outside of the Amber Tier. Students must be three years old at the beginning of the program, and have a parent or caregiver in attendance for the entirety of each 90-minute class.

Students must be three-years old at the time of participation.  We are not able to accelerate younger students into Tadpole Academy.

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