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Asset Talent Search

Center for Talent Development (CTD) cooperates with ASSET Talent Search to provide easier access to learning opportunities available through CTD.

Top-scoring students from ASSET Talent Search have the chance to apply for CTD’s Core Essentials and Enrichment online courses and its Spectrum summer program as score criteria applicants (students with qualifying above-grade-level test scores).

About ASSET Talent Search

ASSET Talent Search (ATS) is a talent identification program that identifies, acknowledges, and supports academically talented students. It also provides educational opportunities, which can help these students reach their true potential.

The ASSET team has been offering programs for gifted students for nine years and has delivered more than 70 advanced level courses to academically gifted students across India and UAE.

ATS is a brand of Educational Initiatives (EI). EI is an educational assessment and research company working to improve the quality of student learning in schools. EI creates and administers the ASSET Test (India’s largest diagnostic assessment test) to private schools from CBSE, ICSE, and State Boards covering 400,000 students throughout India, UAE, Kuwait, and Singapore each year. EI also works with government schools from states across India and has conducted large scale benchmarking studies for more than 10 million students.

Benefits of participating in the ASSET Talent Search

In addition to understanding the depths of one's talent, ATS serves as a platform where academically gifted students can come into their own and hone their inherent potential. The realization and validation of being academically talented goes a long way in molding students into accomplished individuals.

The program provides academically talented students and their families with the following benefits:

  • Self-realization: Students gain insight into their capabilities and understand the kind of educational challenges they should undertake to realize their potential.
  • Recognition: All participating students receive a certificate of participation. Students performing in the following percentiles receive additional recognition:
    • 95-99 percentile are recognized as an ASSET Talent Search Gold Scholar
    • 90-94 percentile are recognized as an ASSET Talent Search Silver Scholar
    • 85-89 percentile are recognized as an ASSET Talent Search Bronze Scholar
    • ASSET Talent Search Gold, Silver, and Bronze Scholars receive a medal, certificate of participation, scholarships and early bird registration concession to participate in exclusive programs for gifted students offered by ASSET.
  • ASSET Programs
    • ASSET Summer Programme: The flagship program for students in grades 6, 7, and 8. Students from across the nation come together for a 3-week long residential academic experience. 
    • Non-Residential Day Summer Programme: A 2-week non-residential program in Bengaluru, New Delhi and Dubai for students in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8. Allows students to dive deeoly into their academic passions through hands-on and minds-on activities.
    • ASSET Mentorship Programme: An online course for grades 6, 7, and 8 to guide gifted students through the crucial years of academic development and help them make an informed choice regarding their higher education.
  • International Opportunities: Students in the top 10th percentile will get the opportunity to apply to CTD’s online courses and its Spectrum summer program as score criteria applicants (students with qualifying above-grade-level test scores).

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