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Eligibility Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What if my student has test scores, but they aren’t recent?
    Test results submitted for proof of eligibility must be from tests taken within the last two years.
  2. Can my student submit above-grade-level tests from other programs besides NUMATS?
    CTD will accept above-grade-level test scores administered through other programs (e.g., DukeTip, Center for Bright Kids, Belin-Blank Center, or Center for Talented Youth). For more information, visit the NUMATS web page. 
  3. What if my student doesn’t have test scores or their test scores don’t meet the eligibility requirements? Applicants may submit an Admission Portfolio (some exceptions apply, see specific program pages for details). A portfolio should include, but is not limited to, the following items: 
    • Most recent report card or transcript 
    • Teacher recommendation
    • Test scores, if available
  4. What if English is not my child’s primary language?
    Because courses are taught in English, test scores are used to assess proficiency and assist in course placement. TOEFL (or TOEFL Jr. for grades 4-8) or IELTS scores are required for students for whom English is not their first language and who do not have PSAT™, I-Excel, SAT®, ACT®, ASSET, or PreACT® scores. For students too young to take TOEFL or TOEFL Jr., contact the CTD Admissions and Pathways Advising office for assistance.
  5. When is a visa required, and what type of visa is necessary? The CTD Summer Program requires a student visa for any non-U.S. citizen/permanent resident. Please see the International Students Page for more information.

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