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Online Courses for Schools

Expand Course Choices and Meet Student Needs with CTD Online

CTD collaborates with schools and districts to design courses for cohorts of students with the same learning needs or to use CTD courses as accelerative options for or supplements to school curriculum. All courses allow school personnel access to near real-time data on student activity and progress via CTD’s online learning platform.

CTD offers the following options for schools:

  1. Have students participate in a regularly scheduled CTD online course:
    • CTD offers courses throughout the school year, with fall, winter, and spring start dates. If your school would like to cover the cost of tuition for your student(s), please complete a School Code Request Form.
    • Group discounts apply for 5 or more students.
  2. Have CTD customize an online course for your students:
    • Work from your own calendar, integrate your district’s common assessments, and ensure curricula are aligned to local standards.
    • Choose from having CTD hire and train an online instructor to teach the course or use an in-house instructor from your school.
    • Along with a per student tuition fee, an hourly course customization fee applies. 

About CTD’s Online Program Models

Unlike so-called "click and next" online classes, CTD's Online Program courses are designed and led by expert instructors who provide personalized guidance, feedback, and one-on-one attention. Learn more about our approach to online learning, and review our program models, below.

CTD Online Program Model
Grade Levels
Session Length
Class Structure
Core Essentials 3-8 9 weeks Flexibly paced; occasional, optional online, live sessions
Enrichment 3-10 9 weeks Flexibly paced; occasional, optional online, live sessions
Honors 6-12 1 and 2 credit equivalents Flexibly paced
AP 9-12 1 and 2 credit equivalents Flexibly paced


Core Essentials courses allow students access to advanced content, and provide a deep exploration of core subject areas like math, science, and English and Language Arts. Curricula designed by expert instructors provide students with flexible pacing and individualized feedback to extend student learning.

Sample online core essentials courses include: Advanced Grammar and Academic Writing (6-8), Advanced Reading: Literature (3-4), Anatomy and Physiology (6-8), Critical Mathematics: From Googol to Infinity (3-5), Pre-Algebra I (6-8), Topics in Biology (6-8)

Enrichment courses are flexibly paced and allow students to explore advanced content in interdisciplinary subject areas not typically available at their grade level. Instructors provide personalized guidance and facilitate high-level conversation and engaging at-home projects.

Sample online enrichment courses include: Classical Mythology: Myths of Ancient Greece and Rome (3-5), Online Writing Workshop (3-5 & 6-8), The Human Body in Space (4-6), Puzzle Masters (3-5), Exploring Genetics (6-8), Python 1 (6-8)

Honors courses are designed for motivated students to move through flexibly paced course content with continuous feedback from the instructor. Honors courses provide an opportunity for qualifying middle school students to accelerate in their strength areas at the high school level.

Sample online honors courses include: Creative Writing Honors, Literary Analysis Honors, Java Honors, Pre-Calculus Honors, Spanish Honors

AP® courses provide immersive, college-level curricula that prepares students for university coursework. All courses are authorized by the College Board and aligned with the latest AP® course and exam frameworks.

Sample online AP courses include: AP® English Literature, AP® US Government and Politics, AP® Chemistry

Additional enrichment programming for younger students is also available. Please view explore courses to see a current list of available courses.

Center for Talent Development (CTD) at Northwestern University has been accredited as a Nonpublic-Supplementary school by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) since 1994. All CTD credit-bearing high school courses are NCAA approved, and all AP® courses are approved by the College Board and aligned with the latest AP® coursework and exam framework. Learn more about CTD accreditation.

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