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Last Chance to Enroll into a CTD Summer Program | Now Enrolling for Fall 2024 Online Programs

Summer Programs

Fill Summer With The Joy Of Discovery

Spend the Summer with CTD

CTD's summer programming provides academic adventures with lifetime impact! Check out our wide variety of summer options for gifted students, ranging from online courses to in-person, academic day and residential camps, held on Northwestern’s Evanston campus and at other Chicago area sites. Take an enrichment course that delves into a subject you love or challenge yourself with a high-school honors or Advanced Placement® course for credit. At CTD, learn from the best instructors as you build on your strengths and experience the joy of learning with a community of peers.

Experience CTD's Academic Day and Residential Camps

In-person summer programs at the Center for Talent Development are designed to help students advance academically in engaging, hands-on ways; connect with peers and expert educators; and develop skills beyond the classroom. Hear from students and staff about our

  • Enrichment and accelerated, credit-bearing courses
  • Leadership and service-learning programs
  • Classroom environment
  • Residential activities
  • Incredible teachers
  • Impact on future goals and achievements
Online Academic Programs for Enrichment or Acceleration

Flexibly Paced Online Course Choices

No matter how a student learns and no matter what schedules need to be balanced, there are programs that help them develop their talents from wherever they reside. Summer is a time when interests can be nurtured and learning can extend beyond the topics of the school year. A lifetime of success starts in summer. Enrichment, accelerated, and credit-bearing courses available.

Experience CTD's Online Courses

Remote learning isn’t new to us. It’s been part of our program for almost 40 years. As experts in remote instruction, we offer high-quality online courses that fuel excitement about learning and help students achieve their academic goals. You can’t always get to the class. But the class can come to you. Hear from students and staff about our

  • Enrichment and accelerated, credit-bearing courses
  • Leadership and service-learning programs
  • Live, online and flexibly paced learning environments
  • Incredible teachers
  • Community of learners

“The pace was unlike anything I had done before and challenged me to the point where I independently wanted to learn more.”

– CTD Student


Start Your Summer Program Adventure

If you have found the program and course for you, we’d love for you to apply. Learn more about the application and admissions process for our various courses.

teacher and young boy with ipad smiling at camera

Inspire Young People To Think Big This Summer!

Summer programs at CTD are where dedicated, creative, and passionate educators work with children of all ages who are ready to learn. Your enthusiasm meets their excitement, and your expertise can shape their lives. If you want to make a difference, work with CTD this Summer.

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Find the Right Summer Course For Your Family

Dozens of subjects. Hundreds of courses. Countless experiences. Find the perfect course to help your student advance academically and discover the joy of learning.

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